You have to give a lecture ?

You have to use your voice all day ?

You loose your voice sometimes ?

You like to develop your charisma ?

You feel, that you are not really "in the moment" when you talk or perform ?

You like to explore your voice in a new way ?


Everyone has their own unique voice. Free your voice from conventions and stress. Improvise and learn to trust your voice and your body. Get in contact to your intuition. In a single session I provide my experience from my work on stage and my skills as a "feeler".


                          Single Session / Training

                                         (in english)

                     Duration: approx. 60 minutes

                                          Cost: 80 €

                  Location: Berlin-Charlottenburg

                                Info / Registration:



The training can also be booked by companies and institutions. Prices and dates on request.

Improvisation is not "inventing" something. Improvisation shows what is going on.